Tax Efficiency and Mitigation

  • Are you making the best possible decisions to help reduce taxes?
  • Are you overpaying capital gains taxes?
  • Do you want to simplify the tax preparation process?

For our wealth management clients with particularly complex tax-planning needs, we provide personalized tax efficiency and mitigation services covering a variety of tax issues. Our in-house Certified Public Accountant (CPA®), Lauran Jack, works with our clients and their personal CPAs, answering questions regarding tax efficiency and tax mitigation, helping to estimate quarterly tax payments, anticipating future taxation concerns, and identifying opportunities to reduce tax liabilities.

Tax planning

Making sense of myriad 1099 and K-1 forms can add hours to the tax preparation process—and hundred of dollars to your tax preparation fee. To streamline the process, we provide a detailed breakdown of your investment tax liabilities in ways that can be easily communicated to your CPA®—or transferred to TurboTax if you prepare your own returns. Lauran provides guidance with tax forms and offers a comprehensive review of tax forms prior to submitting your return. Lauran also offers detailed analyses and recommendations in all areas of taxation, including answering specific taxation questions such as:

  1. What are the tax consequences of renting a vacation home?
  2. Is it better to rent or buy my second home?
  3. How can I leverage the tax differences between my IRA and my 401(k)?
  4. What’s the best way to reduce my taxes through charitable donations?
  5. How much can I “gift” to my family each year, and does it really make sense to do so?

Tax harvesting

To assist on the investment front, Lauran works with Michael L. Marvin, TAM’s president, on capital gains “tax harvesting”—selling individual positions at a loss (if available) to minimize overall capital gains taxes, with a particular focus on minimizing or eliminating short-term capital gains (which have a higher tax rate than long-term capital gains).