Working together to help identify, articulate, and achieve your dreams

“How sad to see a father with money and no joy. The man studied economics, but never studied happiness.” - Jim Rohn

At TAM Financial, we believe wealth management should be focused on supporting your dreams—not simply acquiring assets. As a fee-only financial advisor, our goal is to give you the financial power to help you live your dreams with greater security and peace of mind. We work with each client to remove the emotion and stress so often associated with money management by taking the time to understand not only your financial opportunities and challenges, but also the quality of life you want to achieve with your assets.

For some, this may mean saving enough to ensure a secure retirement with the assurance that they won’t outlive their assets. For others, it may mean growing a business, providing support and education for children and grandchildren, or maintaining a particular lifestyle before and after retirement.

Whatever your dreams may be, we work with you to help identify and articulate your goals, and then put a plan in place that is designed specifically to help you get there. Every service we provide is custom-developed to meet your specific needs. We have no “standard” financial plan and no portfolio “buckets” based on generalized attributes. Instead, we look at your situation, your goals, and help determine your best path to success.

To ensure every aspect of your financial life is addressed with care, all of the services we provide are included in our quarterly flat fee. And while specific offerings may vary depending on your specific needs, our all-inclusive services are generally focused in the following areas: