Lauran Jack CPA®

Tax Advisor

Lauran is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA®) and holds an MBA® from George Washington University. She has served as a staff accountant at Beers and Cutler in Washington, DC, and at Patton and Associates in Alexandria, VA. Currently a staff accountant at Sarecky and Brooks, PC, Lauran serves as the tax advisor at TAM Financial Advisors.

Lauran supports our tax efficiency and mitigation services, working with our wealth management clients to review investments for tax-efficiencies across individual portfolios in an attempt to harvest capital gains and losses in taxable accounts. She also works with clients to maximize tax savings and identify investments that are more likely to generate qualified dividends and long-term capital gains which are better suited to taxable accounts, and investments more likely to generate nonqualified dividends, interest or short-term capital gains better suited for tax-deferred accounts.  Lauran works with Michael on issues related to tax harvesting and to minimize overall tax liabilities associated with clients' investment portfolios.